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Return Policy Return Policy
BodyKitz.com has made returns very easy. Our objective is to make available the best automotive products and services to our customers. We realize that customers can change their minds and need to return the product that they have purchased from us. We are aware of returns policies of our competitors that have made clients wary and cautious about returning products. This has made us determined to have a returns policy that is easy and simple, which generates trust in the minds of our customers.

Return Policy
If you are not satisfied with some aspect of the product you have purchased from us, you have the liberty to return it within 30 days of the purchase date. There are some rules that apply regarding returns, and these are as follows:

1) Products that are returned must look like new and be in their original packing to be able to be sold again
2) If a product has been installed or used it cannot be returned
3) A restocking fee of 15-35% is applicable to all returns
4) Returns have to follow a procedure using a RMA form
5) Not all products are returnable and such products are specially mentioned in a separate section
6) Cancellation of orders is possible but only before they are shipped. In some products, cancellation has to be requested before they are manufactured or painted
7) Customers are responsible for all return shipping methods and costs. We recommend shipping an item back with full shipping insurance, because we cannot accept a damaged item for return

N.B- If return is prompted by a manufacturing defect (determined by us), no shipping and restocking fees will be charged from the customer.

Non-Returnable Items
Some products are built-to-order or are imported. These special items are non-returnable and include the following: products that are custom-made, all wheels/rims, and products that are marked as non-returnable. In addition, all items made by the following manfacturers are non-returnable: RK Sport, Wings West, Seibon, Vertical Doors Inc, Rieger, and JP Vizage. Furthermore, all painting/labor costs paid by the customer are non-refundable by BodyKitz.com.

Return Procedure
If you need to return a product, you must ask for a RMA form. This form has the address at which the product has to be sent in addition to entire procedure that must be followed. You can get RMA form using these methods.
  • You can send an email to RMA@bodykitz.com
  • Make a call to customer service @877-703-6424
  • We will need to know the products that you want to return along with the reason for returning. We then will respond with the RMA form. It may take 24-72 business hours for a response, as we may need to get an approval for a return from a manufacturer.
Procedure to Exchange
A product can be exchanged using either of these two methods.

Method 1- Get the RMA form to request for exchange of the product. Make sure you mention details of all products you want to exchange. We ship the product requested after we receive the part from you and send the refund or the bill for the price difference, if any.

Method 2- Place an order for a new product and use the RMA form for the return of the part you would like to exchange. The refund is promptly sent to you upon receipt of the product.

Products that are defective/damaged
All of us know that mishaps do take place at times. If you get a damaged or defective product from us please inform us and do not use or install the product. We will not only send a replacement, but also a return label that you can paste on the defective product and send it back to us at your earliest convenience. In any case, all defective products must be shipped back to us within 30 days of the purchase date. If the product got damaged because of some lapse in shipping, we will arrange for the product to be picked up through a courier.

If you want a replacement even before you have sent back the defective or damaged product, we have to be given authorization for the credit card until the defective product is retuned.

Cancellation of an order
It takes time to cancel an order, just like it takes time to process or ship an order. Time is spent cancelling the order in the system, deleting it in manual logs, asking personnel to stop it from being manufactured, and/or stopping the product from being shipped. At times products are shipped sooner than expected and this is why we suggest waiting for cancellation to be confirmed before placing an order for an alternative product.

Products and services that are non-returnable
Some products cannot be returned or even exchanged because they are either made to custom or because of the policy of the manufacturer. These items are as follows.
  • All products that have been marked as non-returnable
  • The cost of painting products such as spoilers, bumpers, calipers etc
  • Vertical or lambo doors made by Vertical Doors Inc
  • All kinds of wheels
  • Urethane/Polyurethane manufactured products
  • RK Sport brand products
  • Rieger brand products
  • Products or accessories that have been custom made
Credit and Refund
After your return has been accepted, we will provide you with a refund using the payment method that you used while placing an order. This could be anything from check to PayPal to a credit card. The amount refunded is always the original price of the product less the restocking fees. An email will be sent to you, which contains the details of the refund. It takes 5-7 business days for the credit amount to show in your account.

Please remember that we do not refund installation fees and labor charges under any circumstances. We also do not pay any compensation to you for any damage to your automobile that takes place during installation. There is no compensation for any damage because of the use of the product either.

Aerodynamics Returns and Installation
This return and installation information is for fiberglass, carbon fiber, composite or Duraflex body kits or hoods shipped by freight.

Aerodynamics Return Policy - We offer a 30 day return policy to all of our customers for any reason, from the day the order is placed. Returns must be shipped back in the original packaging and parts must be in original condition. The customer is responsible for the return shipping cost; all returns are subject to a 15-35% restocking fee to pay for costs associated with the original shipment. Products that have been altered in any way cannot be returned. All part are for show and off-road use only.

Aerodynamics Installation Reminder - Please be aware that most fiber based body kits, bumpers, hoods, etc require minor sanding, shaving, cutting and/or filling before installation. We always recommend professional aftermarket body shop installation for all aerodynamic fiber based products. Please note when modifying the look or performance of a vehicle, we do not recommend using a collision center to install products. Collision centers normally do quick OEM work for insurance companies. We recommend using a custom body shop that does custom work and where you see modified vehicles. If you need help finding a body shop, please contact us at shipping@bodykitz.com or 1-877-703-6424, and we will be glad to find one in your area for you.

Aerodynamics Fitment Claims - Because of common problems due to using an incorrect body shop for installation and us not being able to control who is hired to install parts, BodyKitz.com will be the deciding party for determining a fitment issue. If you or your body shop is having trouble fitting a part, please follow these steps:

1. Take close up and overview pictures of the part on the vehicle, which clearly show the fitment problem. Please note we need a full view picture of the part on the vehicle (from side to side)
2. Take a picture of the part number. The part number can usually be found as a sticker or written on the inside of the part
3. Email the pictures to tech@bodykitz.com

Please allow 3-5 business days for us to review your pictures and file the fitment claim with the manufacturer. If the fitment claim is approved, a new part will be shipped to you and return labels will be emailed to you for the incorrect fitting part. If the fitment claim is not approved, we will find you a correct aftermarket body shop to install the part or we will send detailed installation instructions to your current body shop.

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