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Privacy Statement has received a certificate of privacy from TRUSTe. This seal from TRUSTe says that all information about the customer collected and used by the website remains totally confidential. Also, that the level of privacy maintained by remains in compliance with the requirements of TRUSTes own programs. TRUSTe is a leading trust and privacy solution provider that aims to develop trust and faith among the customers of a website selling products, in regards to the transparency and accountability of online transactions. If you, as a customer find any of our policy questionable, you can contact us at or you can call us at 877-703-6424. If you still have any queries, you are free to contact TRUSTe.

Information for the customers is thankful to all our customers for placing their trust and faith in our company and we make it a point to safeguard the personal and sensitive information about our customers. The privacy statement is an attempt by us to divulge what it does with the information so collected and the kind of information that it needs from the customers. This statement also informs customers as to the options they have pertaining to use of information.

Collection of Information
We gather only as much information as is necessary from our customers to communicate our offers and to our sell products. This is the information that is necessary to carry out our business and to provide all the information that might be of interest to our customers. We ask for personal details such name, address, phone number etc from customers subscribing to our services, and ask for credit card details from customers who make an order or purchase a product from us. Our servers gather additional information about our customers such as their browser, the webpages they have visited, and so on. Our customers are free to have a look at all the information that we have gathered about them at any time to amend, update, or delete it. This can be done by using any one of the contact points mentioned at the end of the page.

We also collect information about the friends of our customers. This is done merely to be able to provide a onetime email to such friends that contain information about a gift certificate. When you give information about your friends, you are enabling the company to send a gift certificate using the email addresses of your friends.

Cookies admits to be making use of cookies to store information on the hard drive of the computers of the customers using the browser. There is nothing to worry about this information that is collected as it is nothing personal, leave alone being sensitive in nature. These cookies merely record your preferences such as browsing record of products and the items in your cart. This is done to keep track of your past activity to make your browsing experience far more enriching and valuable. However, retains the right to share this information with others who might be interested in this information. The company does not allow the parties providing cookies to share this information with anyone else other than

Third Party Cookies
All our partners, whether they provide services or products to us, remain covered by this policy statement and they can make use of information gathered by these cookies to advertise or carry out promotional campaigns.

Web Beacons
Web beacons are images (gifs) placed on our website that are used to collect information about the customer as to the links they has opened and, in general, what their preferences are while browsing our webpages. These web beacons, along with cookies, help us to judge the effectiveness of our communications with our clients and also the efficiency of our campaigns.

Customer information and its use for
Rest assured that the information provided by you to us is used to provide you with better service, whether it is delivering a newsletter or completing the delivery of an order placed by you. This information also serves us to keep you informed about our onetime offers and new products and services. Your personal details are never shared by us with other parties, unless as per the provisions of this privacy statement.

Yes, we make use of your mailing address to send you periodic letters, but you can opt to receive no letter by simply indicating your preference through an email or by making a call in this regard. We may call our clients to ask for a clarification about an order placed or to inform about upcoming discount offers or latest products. If however, you do not like to receive calls from us, you can simply email or call us and tell us so. You can rest assured that your telephone number will not be shared by us with any other business owner or company.

However, we reserve the right to disclose your personal information if it is necessary, as per the provisions of the laws of the country. We may disclose your details when we feel that it is necessary to do so to meet out obligations during judicial proceedings.

Service Providers
For processing of credit cards, to carry out the shipment of orders, to conduct live chat, and for many other activities, we make use of third parties. We share your information with these service providers to enable them to be of greater value to you. However, we make sure that these parties do not make use of your personal information for any other purpose.

We do not share the email addresses of our customers with any other company. However, we make use of the email addresses of our customers to provide them with all the latest offers, discounts and other information to enable us to conduct our business in a more efficient manner. If you do not wish to receive communication from us through email, you can simply opt out of this service by sending an email or calling us in this regard.

The website of has links to other websites that may be of vendors or other service providers. does not take responsibility for the privacy policies of these vendors and service providers. We wish our customers to be alert when leaving the website of and landing upon the websites of vendors.

Retention of Data
This is to inform our customers that we hold on to your information for only as long as you are our customer. If you no longer wish to remain our customer or make use of our services, you can simply tell us so at, and we will use the information only for resolution of disputes and to meet legal obligations.

Security Practices
All financial transactions on are conducted via secure servers and there is absolutely no chance of misuse or theft of your personal information when you conduct business with us. Rest assured that your credit card details are secure with us as we make use of SSL encryption.

Whenever there is any change in our policy matters, we let our customers know all about these changes. This is why we encourage our customers to frequently read our privacy policy statement.

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